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Q 1. What do I fill On This Contact Form?

Ans: So, On The Above Shown Contact Form You Can Simply Put Your "First Name & Last Name" In The First Box(Your Name) And As We Follow Down Toward The Second Box You Have To Insert Your "Email ID" Which Is Going To Be Our Primary Way Of Communication(Make Sure You Provide A Valid Input like "eg: [email protected]" Without Quotes) And As We Go More Down Toward The Third Box, Kindly Provide Us Your Correct "Mobile/Whatsapp" Number With The Country Code i.e(eg: +91987654321) So We Can Use It As Our Secondary Source Of Communication If AFore Is Not Working And At Last But Not-Least, In The "Message/Issue" Input Box Kindly "Enter Your Query(s)"" For Which You're Contacting Us. And At Last Hit The Send Button To Send The Query To Us So We Handle It As Soon As Possible. (You Can Also Send Us New Ideas To Improve The Website And Report Bugs) All Things Will Be Taken Care As Soon As Possible For Reduction Of Future Inconvenience.

Q 2. How Much Time Do We take In Answering Message/Issues?

Ans: We Receive Hug Of Message(due to A Very Vast Network) Per Day So Support Team Will Answer You In Long During The Business Days And It Can Take To More Then 2 Days/ 48Hrs For A Single Reply, But We Try To Resolve The Issue Within Few Hours(Depends On The Issue/Query) You With In 1 Hour And 90% We Reply In 1 Hour. If You Need Urgent Help Then We Recommend You To Call Us We Receive With In 2 Minute And Solved Your Problem With In 5 Minutes.

Q 3. Why can't I send text (SMS) Messages to your Phone Number?

Ans: haha sir i think its joke but i Explain some reason or factor due to you not able to message us Our Contact Number Is Publicly Available In Order To Contact Us And There Is Small Chance You Cannot Send Us Any Message Is Either You've Added Wrong Country Code Afore The Cell Number Or You've Mistakenly Added Wrong Contact Number So We Would Like You To Add The Cell Number Again For No Issues While Contacting Us. Main Reason Behind The Error While Sending The Message Is The Country Code So Make Sure It Correct.

  • 1. Restart the Phone yes Restart your phone, A simple restart might do the trick. Hold down the “Power” button, then select “Restart“ Option, after Some Minutes your phone start again and now try to message us.
  • 2. Check Blocking Sometimes blocking happens accidentally. So Check to be sure that you didn’t accidentally end up on a your phone block list either with the message recipient’s carrier or on the block list of the recipient’s your phone.
  • 3. Check Contact Number Open Your “Contacts” app and ensure the phone number is Vaid. Also try the phone number with or without Country Code. I have seen it both work or not work in either configuration. Personally, We just fixed a problem texting where the Country Code was missing.
Final Verdict: We Deeply Appreciate To Those People Who Helps Us In Finding The Bugs And Provides New Suggestions For Website For Further Better Development And Better Usage Of It In Future.